Khataan Eassa

An Elf with a particular set of skill proficiencies that have been acquired over a long career


Standing at 6ft and 5 inches, Khataan is taller than most, and his lithe physique masks a prowess with a blade and spell. Completely albino, with Bone white skin and long hair that falls down his back to match, he easily sticks out in a crowd. He wears a light tan armor, with a ceremonial red sash as a belt. His Scimitar’s Amythest blade is almost always showing, as he refuses to sheath it at his belt.


When Khataan was but in his younger years, the Warlord village in which he lived came under attack. It was a tribe of a special sect of elves, Ruar’Tel’Quessir, who had set themselves apart from the main tribes of elves in the Rhengaard Wastes. When the Mindflayers attacked, they decimated the tribe. Khataan could only watch with discombobulation as his kinfolk were cut down or worse. He saw his father in the crowd who yelled at him to run. Khataan began to cry as he realized he was going to lose everything he had. He clasped his mother’s necklace around his neck and took off. he ducked and weaved through the carnage until he ran headlong into one of the massive Illithids. he fell back and tried to scramble away as the Hulking creature bellowed at him and raised it’s weapon.
Right before it swung a spear pierced the chest of the Illithid. Khataan couldn’t find his savior in the carnage, but took advantage of the opportunity. he grabbed the strange arcane blade from the creature’s belt, and as he went to continue the escape, his eyes hit a tome strapped to the Illithid’s belt. He could feel the book calling out to him, so he grabbed it and continued running. When he was finally safe he pulled out the book and begin to look through it at it’s strange symbols. He realized this was a powerful form of magic. Having just witnessed an event that destroyed everything he knew. Khataan was burdened by the knowledge that magic could have changed the course of lives.
He decided to dedicate himself to magic in an effort to make sure that he was never subject to the capricious whims of fate again. He studied the book tirelessly for decades in the wastes until he was able to decipher the Arcane arts. After a century of study he knew he was ready to re-enter the world and find the creatures who destroyed his former life, or any other tyrants, and bring about a change. He took his Scimitar he had taken so long ago, named “Vengeance” and headed into the mainland of Taralensia. Upon reaching civilization, he saw the religions of the realm and found the teachings of Corvall. He became fascinated with this dogma that echoed his very calling of learning magic, He began to follow Corvaal refusing the others. Khataan had a mission. Learn the magic of his attackers and use it against them and any other tyrant.

Khataan Eassa

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